Building Your Custom Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software (ERP)

Enterprise Software (ERP)

What is an ERP?

An ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP’s are a valuable and in most cases mandatory tool for any business including small, medium, and enterprise-level as the name ERP suggests. ERP software can be built from the ground up, they can be cloud-based, or customized through APIs from existing software packages. Most ERP’s integrate business procedures and functions across all aspects of its day to day course. Many ERP systems provide inventory management, ordering, invoicing, accounting, customer services, marketing, and reporting. ERP’s are an ideal way to manage a business and get real-time data about the business and its functions.

How Soaring.dev can help?

Soaring.dev is a technology development firm that specializes in the development of software and complex database systems sometimes called an ERP. For Soaring.dev we can customize or upgrade an existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or develop one from scratch with a client's vision. The process starts with the Soaring team meeting with our clients to learn the challenges they have with their current or non-existent ERP’s. Then using our experience, we begin to start something we call “Soaring” and the development begins. Our clients get a custom plan on how we can help them build or upgrade their vision to enhance their business, and get a quality software product.

If you have an existing ERP that needs upgrading or want to develop one Soaring.dev can help. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Why does a business need an ERP?

A business does not need an ERP, but if you are looking for growth, and to streamline many business processes an ERP is good place to start. Time is money and an ERP gives the executive team and the employees TIME. ERPs, help business leaders gain crucial access to data so that they can identify problems, find opportunities, and make business forward decisions based on facts. Best of all the ERP can help the organization collaborate work effectively together to achieve a common set of goals. Businesses without ERPs find themselves scrambling to keep up and get caught taking 3 steps back to go 1 step forward.