and Basic Web Design

Soaring development is full service IT firm and can build a simple custom website or complex websites.

Simple and Basic web design

Simple and Basic web design

What is a Simple and Basic website?

A simple or basic website is a site without a back-end database and consists of 500 or fewer pages. Generally, basic websites are informational provide a resource for online users to find your company or business. Basic sites all have common navigational flows. Basic sites mostly allow users to perform simple tasks such as contact request forms, document downloads, and social media referrals (facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram). Basic websites are a great resource for businesses to establish an online presence for a minimal investment.

How can soaring development help?

Soaring development is a full-service IT firm with 25 years of experience as full-service project management and development firm we know can help both small and large businesses. began building websites both simple and complex in the late ’90s. Simple and basic websites are a snap for our team and the best part is they have an immediate impact on a business. In today’s world, every business needs a website and every business must grow its online presence and can get you there quickly and easily. After just one or two planning meetings the soaring team begins to create strategic development and design plan. For most projects, our clients have a full-scale professional-looking website in as little as two weeks with a maximum delivery time of a month. Best of all the soaring team provides hands-on instruction and support every step of the way from the domain purchase, to the hosting, building the page content for best performance, SEO, SEM, and more.