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In 1998, 10 years before popularity of the smart phone, the idea for “” was born when Howard Miller, then a Columbia Business School student, began using email and spread sheets and emails to sublet New York City student apartments to students coming to New York for summer internships. Fast forward 1 year and a basic user interface (UI) for a new website,, was built, and a database team and design team was assembled overseas and Daniel Miller, Howard’s trusted brother joined the team and would later become an SEO marketing guru.


With a design and a database, it was now about marketing. The WWW, or World Wide Web as we refer to it now, was peppered with search engines to navigate through: Ask Jeeves, AOL, Dogpile, Lycos, Goto (then Overture and then Yahoo), Excite and many more… Many years later google would come on the scene. SEO was as wild as the web and mostly pay per click. Its was in this chaos that our team learned how to master and dominate the search results and think like a “search engine”. Later when google began to dominate the search world, (now knew how to “please the google gods” and with enough reading, learning and a great team we succeeded on building a web platform that received millions of visitors per month.


Technology never stops. In 2000 we launched In 2002 we redesigned user interface. In 2004 and 2006 we redesigned again. In 2007 we developed out mobile user interface. In 2010 we built the Android mobile application and in 2011 we built the IOS mobile application. Then in 2012 we redesigned our interface again which lasted (for the most part) until in 2015 we started the launch of the responsive design user interface that could be used at any device with any screen size


As part of a fully integrated housing service, in addition to building, we also built and successfully marketed (a long term apartment rental web services) and (a roommates web service).

In 2010, our friends began to ask for technology help and development and was born. At this time, we began leveraging our technology skills, SEO marketing experience and technology development team to help other successfully build and navigate the digital world. Our first complex development project was, a complex financial database and reporting web platform that provides data analytics of the restaurant industry. Our next complex project was, a simple website and VERY COMPLEX ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform for a multi million dollar export paper company. Our most recent (and fun) project is the golfing app,, a very complex golfing gaming and betting APP that is easy for the golfer to use and really makes golfing fun!


In 2020, Howard and Dan sold, and to focus on the development other technology projects and help other “Soar!!” and digitally transform their businesses. Today, we manage 15+ technology projects and use our digital expertise and resources to exponentially grow the new and existing business while increase the efficiency of the business. It takes time and effort, but basically we bring companies to the promised land, we over deliver and help you “SOAR!!”

Our rates our reasonable, because we are your technology partners, we don’t go away because we know technology is ever changing and its “grow your way or go away”. We have lived it, developed it and willed it!. And we are here to help. When the opportunity is right, we love to invest side by side with our clients and become business partners as well as technology partners

Contact Us. We love to talk technology and we would love to hear your ideas and get you on the right track (even if you don’t hire us). Consulting and advice is free and “we’ve been there and done that”. Nothing in technology can surprise us.